Already a smash hit in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea to name a few, warring states game Loogncraft(《六龙御天》), has now made a big splash in Singapore and Malaysia flying up the charts to be ranked third after only three days from launch! More than one year in development by top Chinese game company, Loong Entertainment, Loogncraft(《六龙御天》) offers players an authentic Three Kingdoms experience with epic large scale battles and a cast of thousands. Loogncraft(《六龙御天》) already has a longstanding reign on many regions top charts and is set to break even more records in Singapore and Malaysia.

I already had Loogncraft(《六龙御天》) on my radar when it was first released in places such as Hong Kong and Taiwan, but was even more interested in it after the game was endorsed by six Malaysian and Singaporean internet goddesses. Now the official Ujoy version of this legendary war game is finally available here.

Loogncraft(《六龙御天》) is the perfect game for lovers of MMORPGs and stands in a class of its own against the horde of mundane action games out there today. With advanced graphics, smooth fast action and full real 3D, this game really is a cut above the rest.

Loogncraft(《六龙御天》) not only lets you experience first hand every epic battle of the Three Kingdoms period but also offers a vast degree of generals to choose from. In addition to the famous Lu Bu, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, there are also many more that you may not have heard of included, more importantly is that every general can be collected by the player.

The most important aspect of any MMORPG or online action according to players is the lag. I am sure that many local players would of experienced bad connections when having to use overseas servers. But now that the game has landed in Singapore and Malaysia, the problem is solved. Massive lag free battles with thousands of players is not longer a dream! For this alone Loogncraft(《六龙御天》) is not to be missed.

Loogncraft's (《六龙御天》) popularity is reflected in the Apple app store and Google Play rankings. As we all know, the top charts is a great indicator of a games popularity and Loogncraft(《六龙御天》) took only three days after launch to rocket into the top three on the overall game charts and is trending to surpass CR and COC to rule the charts. It is worth mentioning that looking at the comments in the app store one will see and overwhelming amount of praise for this game.

Join the offical Ujoy server! Download Singapore and Malaysia's most celebrated and acclaimed warring states MMOARPM, Loogncraft(《六龙御天》) , today and experience the unprecedented pleasure of national war!

Download link 《六龙御天》随时随地,激情国战!

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