Our CRM software is fully customized yet priced competitively against one-size-fit-all softwares that you find off the shelves! Built from scratch to fully match your existing business processes, our solutions provides fast integration and user friendly interfaces that produce real business benefits.

Some business benefits you can achieve with a customized CRM system:
1) Store all your customer data in one centralized location. No more excessive paperwork, filing and losing important invoices, sales orders etc.

2) Effortlessly generate reports that reflects the overall revenue figures, sales revenue by department, salesperson and even by products to help you make your strategic business and marketing decisions.

3) Know when to follow up with your customers by having a clear view of their purchasing behavior. Spot opportunities for upselling and crossing to maximize business revenue.

4) Manage Sales leads and record all lost cases for future follow up.

5) Start and manage your own loyalty program

6) Generate Sales orders, invoices and even receipts straight from the system. Easily export, print and even email a copy to your customers, sales team and finance department with just one click. Have an existing format for these documents? We will reproduce that in your CRM system.

7) Track payment and set alerts for overdue payments

8) Manage your customer’s marketing subscription preferences so that your business stays compliant to the PDPA regulations.

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