***Purchase any item below by 23rd of June for a $5 Discount!***

Detailed item photos and stuff on my carousell: https://carousell.com/dinvisel

Ayooo wassup bois.

Guess who's in the house. That's right, it's your boy Shikomaru back again. Buy any two items and get $5 off. You'll also get exclusive rights to be called a "cool dude" by me. Which is cool.

This time, i'm selling the following:

MGS/Metal Gear Solid:

Play Arts Kai - MGS 3 Big Boss - $65
-This is a really rare/old fig. Doesn't come with a stand, and only has a pair of grippy hands and his trusty gun. Still looks darned good, with a cheap price. Condition is almost new.

Play Arts Kai - MGSV Medic Snakes - $120
Choose from either the sneaking suit or desert ops version. Opened and kept out of box, but condition is perfecto. Comes with everything.

PSO2/Phantasy Star Online 2:

Phantasy Star Online 2: OST Volume 1 - $30
Comes with 3 discs from the first episode of the game. Really comfy music.


MegaHouse Senri Akane from Rewrite - $80
Senri Akane herself, in immortalized plastic form. It's been kept unboxed but i'll stuff it back in its box if you want to. comes with everything. Price is super cheap because mine is a factory defect - There are very minor paint misses, hardly visible. But i have OCD so i have to sell it.

Also have Cospa shirts of Ohtori, Kagari and Kotori. Sized "s". Stored for a long time, so the tags are a bit faded. The prints on the shirts are still new. Wash before wearing - they're not been washed since the factory.
Either way, i've cut the price like mad so it's a win for you.

Persona 3/4:

Persona 3/4- Figma Aigis/Yukiko - $40
Kept unboxed but condition is like new. I take good care of my stuff. I can put it back in the box if you want. Price is for one of either.

Message me on my phone - 82185319 to discuss more. Or, you can message me on carousell too. Either one is good. Just please buy something before i wallow in self-pity and die.

Use my number for pranks and i'll use your number to sign up for Swedish Midget Gorilla Porn Mags.