Good day everyone!
There will be something very special in the upcoming EOY on the 15-16th August!

For the first time ever, there will be a princess cafe with princess cosplayers! It will be a heartwarming and entertaining experience where you can interact not just with the typical maids in a maid cafe, but with princesses.

I wonder what she looks like in person!

This princess café is a promotion for a new action role-playing game, My Princess is the Cutest (MPC), that will launch in SEA very soon.
In MPC, you control a frog prince and engage in slingshot battle to destroy enemies and rescue beautiful Princesses. Those Princesses whom you rescue will assist you in battle with their magical powers. There are over 1000 Princesses to be collected!

MPC is having a pre-registration event, some kind of treasure hunt over Facebook! Check it out here -> My Princess is the Cutest

We hope to see you at EOY's cafe this year!