Recommend a reliable Taobao Shopping Agent Service Provider - Superbuy.

Superbuy purchases items from virtually all popular Chinese e-commerce sites like Taobao, Tmall, JD(JingDong), DangDang, etc. to overseas customers based on their order instructions. In addition, they provide value added services for the whole process from recommending purchase items, quality inspection, storage, delivery and after-sales services.

Superbuy's strengths and areas in need of improvement:

- 0 service charge.
- Offer 24 hour online customer service – possibly no agent can do that in current market, and you even can contact their CEO directly if you’re not satisfied with their customer service people.
- Their international shipping rates are very competitive. You can use their and their competitors’ delivery estimation tools to make a comparison. (the estimated rate is typically not far from the actual).
- Product photos available for purchasing procedure.
- Promise compensation for damaged goods.
- Their Superbuy APP gains over 60,000 installation 4 months after its launch.

Since they just launched the English-version site, the English service is not that good currently.

How to use their shopping agent service:

Step 1 – Select an item from an Chinese e-commerce website, and copy the URL of the page the item is on.

Step 2 – Go to our official website,, click the “Shopping Agent” button, then paste the item URL into the search box and hit the Search button. Then system will automatically collect item specification, manually select color, size, etc. and add to cart.

Step 3 - Check out items and Chinese domestic delivery fee and submit order.

Step 4 – Our staff start review your submitted order, and if all right, they’ll purchase it immediately.

Step 5 – We receive the item, place it into our warehouse after inspecting and weighing it, and then inform you the item is ready to send.

Step 6 – You tell us to start shipping after selecting a logistics company and confirming the corresponding info is correct.

Wait for the parcel to arrive.