Extravaganza 2013 is a nation-wide artwork showcase encompassing of Graphite, a Digital Art Competition, INK!, a Traditional Art Competition, a SEQUENTIAL ARTS competition, and Kaleidoscope, an illustration exhibition. The theme for this year’s Extravaganza 2013 will be “STARS”. There are a total of 3 competition categories:• GRAPHITE (Digital Medium Concept Art) • INK! (Traditional Medium Concept Art) • SEQUENTIAL ARTS.

Do come down to see all the winning entries for Extravaganza as well as some of the professional art submissions we have for Kaleidoscope. We also have lined up for all of you a series of talks and live demos by individuals who make up the heart of Singapore's doujin art community as well as some of Singapore's major art industry players.

The full details of Extravaganza 2013's Exhibition and Closing Ceremony are as follow:

Date: 14 & 15 September 2013
Time: 12pm - 6pm
Venue: *SCAPE Warehouse

Participating Doujin Groups:

1) Collateral Damage Studios
2) Daiyaku
3) Ink Fusion Studios
4) DatWorks
6) FantaisieNocturne Productions
7) ice*berry
8) Citru5
9) Twin Rabbit Design
10) Circus Usagi - http://circus-usagi.daportfolio.com/
11) Teru Teru
12) NUS Comics and Animation Society
13) NTU Visual Arts Society

Stage Lineup:

14 Sept, Saturday (Day 1, Doujin Day)
12pm-1pm Live demonstration by Haimerejzero
2pm-3pm Daiyaku (Talk: "Heard you want to be a Doujin Artist" )
4pm-5pm Live Drawing Battle!

15 Sept, Sunday (Day 2, Industry Day)

1pm-1:30 Wacom (Sponsor talk/demo)
1.30pm-2.30pm Ink Fusion (Talk/demo)
3pm - 4pm Ray Toh (Life as a freelance illustrator)
4pm-5pm NTU Professor Talk
5pm-6pm Closing Ceremony

You may find additional information and contact the organizers at the Facebook event page here:

Hope to see all of you there =)