hi folks!
i'm selling my prince of tennis comic books 1-42 at a reasonable price!
for those who like to watch/read prince of tennis or even like handsome guys,this is suitable for you.
it is based on the anime itself with alot of different handsome characters!
so what are you waiting for?!
those who like reading in chinese.....,come and buy!

the whole set cost: $130-150
one bk costs: $8

*pls do note*:
these are the lowest prices i can give.
nothing more, nothing less...
just take it or leave it

pls also do note that books are not refundable.
i allow bank transfer or a personal meet up face to face.
pls message me if you've interested or even ask questions.
thank you very much

hurry hurry hurry!
i need to sell them

pls give me ur hp numbers.
if personal meet up:
meet at serangoon purple line or circle line
nex shopping centre
dhoby ghaut, purple line
be sure to message me~