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    Default Chinese Mangas for Sale !

    Selling some of my mangas collection which I do not want to keep anymore.
    My mangas are all nicely wrap in plastic book covers so still in pretty good conditions.
    (Note: some of the older mangas pages have turned yellowish)

    Payment Terms: CASH
    Meet up location: Any NEL mrt stations
    Meet up days: Weekends

    Please SMS me @ 81252432 if you are interested.
    Do not reply to my post here.

    List of Mangas for Sale:

    1) Dear Boys Act II #1~28
    Author: 八神浩树
    Publisher: TongLi
    Selling Price: S$50 for total 28 volumes

    2) D.N.Angel #1~11
    Author: 杉崎由绮琉
    Publisher: TongLi
    Selling Price: S$20 for total 11 volumes

    3) Switch Girl!! 变身指令#1~8
    Author: 逢田夏波
    Publisher: TongLi
    Selling Price: S$15 for total 8 volumes

    4) 海盗与人鱼 #1~4
    Author: 木内辰哉
    Publisher: TongLi
    Selling Price:S$8 for total 4 volumes

    5) 康子与建儿 #1~5
    Author: 或子
    Publisher: TongLi
    Selling Price:S$10 for total 5 volumes

    Author: 元秀莲
    Publisher: TongLi
    Selling Price: S$15 for total 4 volumes

    7) 前世今生 Second Stage #1~3 end
    Author: 高城可奈
    Publisher: TongLi
    Selling Price: S$6 for total 3 volumes

    8) 吸血鬼十字加 #1~2 end
    Author: 高城可奈
    Publisher: TongLi
    Selling Price: S$4 for total 2 volumes

    9) 我的老爸是阿宅 #1~11 end
    Author: Tsutahiro
    Publisher: Taiwan 角川
    Selling Price: S$40 for total 11 volumes

    10) 87 超频者 Clockers #1
    Author: 二丿宫知子
    Publisher: TongLi
    Selling Price: S$4 for 1 volume
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