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    Default Cardcaptor Sakura Color Manga/ Cine-Manga

    CCS cine-manga/ full colour manga (based on the anime). Books 1 to 13. Book 9 is the HK edition cause it was sold out in sg. Although it never reached the last episode, this is a full set as the publishers stopped printing after vol 13.

    Pages are high quality prints (paper is slightly glossy and not like your usual manga books, therefore not stained over time). Original price was also quite costly. Condition is good.

    I'm selling $9 each on my carousell and $10 on my ebay but am happy to adjust the price if you know what's the market value. Just that while searching online, I thought it seems rather rare and I think it's out of print. If anyone has any info, please let me know too!

    [EDIT] Oh yes, I also have the official clow book for sale! (Kodansha 2015 reprint) Fully sealed and stored in bubble wrap.

    Photo taken in natural light.

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