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    Smile W.I.T.C.H. Pocketbook Titles - Chuang Yi Pte Ltd (Looking for Sellers/Resellers)

    Currently looking for the following W.I.T.C.H. Pocketbook titles previously published by Chuang Yi Pte Ltd:
    1. Brimstone Music
    2. Merefire
    3. Green Magic
    4. The Cruel Empress

    Condition looking for: New/mint
    Price range (in Malaysian Ringgit): RM12.90 BELOW
    Looking for sellers/resellers who are willing to sell and ship to Malaysia.
    Mode of payment preferred: Money Transfer (Western Union) (don't expect me to fly all the way to Singapore just to do meetups k not practical and convenient for me. we can discuss other methods but certainly NOT meetups.)

    Please contact me if you're willing to sell them to me (especially to the previous owner of the livejournal: you know you want to. where i found u have 'Brimstone Music' and a SGCafe old thread by 'reuhara', seeing you have Merefire and Green Magic. May want your The Salamander's Heart as well <--- if you guys are seeing this post in 2015, please send me a private message)
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