This is a give away. No conditions, first come first serve. I'm moving and can't bring these with me so I hope to give these to a fan rather than to the Salvation Army.

I'm giving away volumes 1 - 23 of the Houshin Engi manga. It is in Simplified Chinese and published by Chuang Yi.

Notable flaws: Covers of the manga are slightly yellowed because the background colors are white. I mucked up the first few pages of book 1 when I tried to cover the original chuangyi translation with paper and write tongli's version over them. It's still readable though.

Houshin Taizen (right in 2nd pic) and Houshin Engi Kanzenkaitaisyo (left in 2nd pic) are in Traditional Chinese. Houshin Taizen analyzes all the characters and events in Houshin Engi from Vol 01 to 16.

Houshin Engi Kanzenkaitaisyo is an all-text guidebook that gives very detailed and in depth analysis of characters in Houshin Engi from psychological and scientific perspectives. Written in traditional Chinese and lines that are read vertically down. I only bought it because the cover features Youzen drawn by the famous romance novel cover illustrator De Zhen. A few of the pages are yellowed.

Collection: At my convenience, below my flat. (I live in Bugis). Weekends anytime if I'm not out, Weekdays after 7pm

Also available on Carousell.

Contact me by PM or carousell if interested. Thanks!