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    Default Old Manga (Chinese)

    Selling my Chinese translated manga for cheap. May throw away in a few months.
    I don't treat my books well - a few books suffer from water damage or are missing the cover, but they are all readable.
    You can actually read most of these manga online in English nowadays, these are for people who want Chinese hard copies for some reason.
    Most are in simplified Chinese by Chuang Yi or traditional Chinese by Hong Kong and Taiwan publishers.
    I will provide only the Japanese names for the manga so that you can google them easily (google title + "manga")
    Deal location at the void deck of my block only, 10 minutes walking distance from Woodlands MRT station.

    Only sold in bundles unless otherwise stated. Price are fixed.
    Note: Pictures I posted are sourced from the net and are not an accurate representation of my books.

    Amano Kozue Bundle 17 books - Aria 1-12(end), Aqua 1-2(end), Mukūkai(夢空界), Sora no Uta(空の謳), Amanchu! 1(incomplete) - $6
    Description: Slice of life manga by Amano Kozue - healing for some people, like a cup of tea on a lazy Saturday afternoon, but boring for others

    Clamp Bundle 20 books - Card Captor Sakura 1-12(end), X 1(incomplete), Chobits 1-6(incomplete), Clover 1(incomplete) - $4
    Description: mostly targeted at female audience. Magic and romance.

    Medieval Fantasy Bundle 15 books - Orfina 1-12(end), Lythtis 1-2(publication halted), Edens Bowy 2(incomplete) - $5
    Description: Battle, blood, some nudity

    Takahashi Rumiko Bundle 41 books - Ranma 1/2 1-38(end), Inuyasha 1-3(incomplete) - $12
    Description: Fighting, romance, comedy, superpowers

    Watase Yuu Bundle 17 books - Ayashi no Ceres 1-14(end), Alice 19th 1,2,4(incomplete) - $3
    Description: Romance and magic manga targeted at female audience. Same author who wrote Fushigi Yuugi.

    Saishuu Heiki Kanojo Bundle 8 books - Saishuu Heiki Kanojo (最終兵器彼女) 1-7(end), Saishuu Heiki Kanojo Side Stories(end) - $3
    Description: Girlfriend is a weapon of mass destruction. Romance, war, tragedy.

    Sailor Moon Bundle 21 books - Sailor Moon 1-18(end), Sailor V 1-3(end) - $4
    Description: You know who Sailor Moon is.

    Kurogane Communication 1-3(end) - $1
    Description: Girl meets robots in post-apocalyptic world.

    Samurai X Bundle 32 books - Rurouni Kenshin 1-28(end), Gun Blaze West 1-3(end), Buso Renkin 2(incomplete) - $6
    Description: Battle manga by same author. Mostly fighting.

    Sakurano Minene Bundle 14 books - Mamotte Shugogetten 1-11(end), Mamotte Shugogetten Retrouvailles 1(incomplete), Hinagiku Kenzan: Ippon Ōkamachi-hen(end) - $2
    Description: Boy lives with guardian deity who fell from the sky. Comedy, romance.

    Love Hina Bundle 21 books - Love Hina 0-14(end), Mahou Sensei Negima 1-6(incomplete) - $5
    Description: Harem romance manga by Ken Akamatsu.

    Houshin Engi 1-23(end) - $5
    Description: Deities fight each other with crazy weapons and superpowers.

    Hagane 1-16(end) - $5
    Description: People implanted with DNA of history's best fighters and killers and fight each other. Battle, gore, nudity.

    Kamikaze 1-7(end) - $3
    Description: Warriors with elemental powers try to save humanity from demons. Fighting, superpowers.

    The following bundles are all incomplete sets so I'm selling cheaper:

    Yotsubato! 1-9(incomplete) $1
    Description: Daily life of a 5 year old girl who live with his father.

    Tenjo Tenge bundle 20 books - $2
    Description: Fighting, superpowers, nudity
    Tenjo Tenge 1-14, 16-20(incomplete), Burn-up Excess & W(end)

    Agharta 1-8(incomplete) $2
    Description: A teenage boy meets girl in a desertified post-apocalyptic world.

    School Rumble 1-15(incomplete) $2
    Description: Delinquent high school boy has crush on a girl. School life, comedy, bromance.

    Mahoraba 1-7,9-12(incomplete) $1
    Description: Boy moves into an apartment and falls in love with girl with 5 personalities. Romance, comedy.

    Ichigo 100% 1-5(incomplete) $1
    Description: High school boy got a harem.

    Steel Angel Kurumi 1-9(incomplete) $2
    Description: Country-representing bodacious robots fight each other.

    Hikaru no Go 11-23(incomplete) $1
    Description: Boy got possessed by ghost who is a weiqi master.

    Chouse Kitan Maze Batsuretsu Jikuu (超世奇譚-MAZE爆熱時空) 3-6(incomplete) $1
    Description: Girl wakes up in a fantasy world with no memories of her past and realises she transforms into a man at night.

    Sketchbook 1-3 + spinoff $1
    Description: Four-panel comic strip manga of a shy girl who likes to draw in an arts club. Comedy and slice of life.

    女學館 1-9 $1
    Description: High school boy joins a previously all-girls school and gets into all sorts of perverted situations.
    Google for pictures yourself with 女學館 漫画

    Random books $0.10 each:
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