I need help to make a microphone prop with the following specifications. Most importantly, the microphone should meet the following objectives:

Project - S$500

1) Microphone should have a total height of approx. 1.5m (including top cylinder head)
2) Studded with transparent gems
3) Contain LED lights all around on a board attached to the bottom of the microphone shining on every aspect of the Microphone

We are flexible with the use of materials in order to achieve the desired effects above.

Here is a method of doing the microphone prop:

Buy 3mm acrylic sheet 60cm tall, use heat gun to melt it into a rounded cylinder of diameter 25cm. Attach 2 round cut covers to the top and bottom. Glue the cylinder using chloroform. Do rounding over many thick sheets of art cardboard/vanguard sheets cylindrical mold. Next is to do the top cylinder head of microphone. Make it 40cm tall and 40cm diameter. After that, buy diamond stickers. Remove the double sided tape by soaking in surgical spirit from pharmacy. Paste the diamond stickers evenly on the entire microphone using the most transparent glue. Ask us before pasting to ensure stickers are not too far apart. Buy the LED lights circuit from SIM LIM TOWERS. Estimated material costs $200.

Contact me at [email protected] if you are interested to take up this project. I can show you the images of what we need.