Am looking for some cosplay buddies. Actually, my Cosplay gang, YAYGIRL, currently has 3 goons but we are looking to socialize and meet more people. I mean, the more the merrier right?
Now, FAM is over and the next event we are planning to go is the Cosfest. We do hope that we could go with more people.
So, some of the current cosplays that we have are Okita Sougo, Gintoki, Makishima, Ginoza and Young Kanda. We aren't looking for any specific characters, as it would be cool to hang out with a bunch of different characters from different shows. It would be like breaking the fourth wall!
We do sincerely hope that we do meet new souls and we hope to meet and make new friends.

(PS: The reason why our gang is called 'YAYGIRL' is because we saw this joke online once that changed Eren's surname from Jeager to Yaygirl and the joke really stuck with us for a long time)