Hi, I would like to build up a cosplay team/group that we can support and work with others in every cosplay projects. Any gender, any age, any nationality are accepted...
I'm looking for people who is really really Zealous, indulge in Cosplay and confident (cuz we may take part in performances)! It will be great if you have experience in cosplay

If you concern about this, there are some conditions to get in group:
1. You should have times (for practicing or preparing) and responsibility with team
2. You can't leave if you are join in a project
3. Friendly, Zealous and NO WAR !!!

If you want to join, please let me know by comment or mess me on Facebook:
we will talk about name and projects )

Thank you sooooooo muchhhhhh !! ^u^
And sorry if my English not so good !!