And here we go again, i went to the Comiket 85 where i taken a plenty of pictures.

This time the "most cosplayed" was the browser game "Kantai Collection" Kancolle in short, simply impossible to not find a cosplay of it, in second place for sure "Attack of the Titans", the rest was like the usual and a plenty of surprises anyway.

Another thing, the number of Cosplayers was VERY big unlike before, in the past events there where two specific places for Cosplayers, this time they where everywhere with more special zones for them, the lines zones for getting stuff changed according of that.

And another "surprise" was the number of ecchi/ero/hentai cosplayers, really more than usual, the funny thing is that the too sexy Cosplays are not allowed "officially" but when you will see my pics you will notice that no one really followed this rule and if you check around the web you will find pics of a cosplayer without pantsu or the two in "yuri action".

Anyway i have taken many pics and i haven't finished to work on them but some are are ready then i post them here

Enjoy and comments/critics are always welcome.

And i start with her, a kawaii bomb; when i saw her i got the confirmation how Love + is still a must in Japan

Sain Seya is not an easy cosplay when you want to create a good replica of the armors, this trio taken a plenty of time for setting up for the pics, but the final result was astonishing

A palmtop Miku

A full size Miku