Yes, I know, it's a little late; wanted to post this up yesterday but was caught up in some stuff... So, sorry about that! =(

Hi guys! What I am going to show you here is a quick look of Sakura Fest at the Singapore Flyer; hopefully you will drop by too!

General Overview

The fair is a little smaller than what I have thought...

Two rows of booths for the fair

But if you head out, you will soon realise that the fair is bigger than what you have thought: There are two stages for performances.

Not to mention, the river bank nearby offers good photo shoot spots! (Yes, there are other good spots in my opinion, which I will talk more later)

The pavement beside the river bank (as in the one that looks like our roads) also calls for a COS-TRAIN! Sorry, I just have to do that... *sweatdrops*

The booths

There's food... (The ramen is a good deal by the way; heard that it is pretty tasty too)

There's candy... (And lots of it too! O_O)

...and beer! No seriously, they have beer AND wine! They do sell soft drinks too for teetotallers (like me =X)

As for activities there are carnival games like fishing game...

And fortune-telling too (Thankfully Na**to is not manning the booth =P)

Feel the heat of the taiko performance!


...and finally! Some of the cosplay shots I took!

Thanks for reading! See you all later!

Here's a popsicle for you!