I'm the photo shoot organiser of Ayer Rajah Zone 2 RC Photography Interest Group and on behalf of my group, we are looking for Cosplayers for the upcoming flea market (Teban Garden Rd) in November (date to be confirmed).
As usual, Cosplayers can dress up and showcase themselves in the public and bring in joy and attention to the flea market ! Of course, this is a free of charge event and we are only looking for your participation and nothing else ! Not only will you be the icons @ the flea market, you will also be in the limelight as our photographers will be shooting you too !
All these can only be possible if we get the right number of participants. Hence, I would like those interested cosplayers to email me ([email protected])in the following format. No worry, it's just a survey and if the result is satisficing, I would then send out the invitation for your participation.
Subject: Cosplay @ Teban Garden
URL link: (to your Cosplay foto)

Regards & thanks.