konnichiwa, bokuwa Riven desu. hp number: 96920982

My band formed in Singapore, Jrock based, is looking for a brother who can play LEAD GUITAR and KEYBOARDS, best if can play by ear, because all of us can play by ear. even better if you, one person, can play both lead guitar and keyboards. I try not look for too many members in the band as it is difficult to organize practices and gigs.

Following is our current line up, and about us. last confirmed on 23/7/2011:
Band name: Sonic Streak
Vocals + rhythm guitars: Riven Helsing
Bass + vocal harmony: Willie
Drums: Sylvester
last 2 performances at: JAF (may2011), Haru Bazzar(June 2011), Shine youth festival(july 2011)
influences: Gazette, Nightmare, SID, Alice Nine.
number of likes in FB: 65, (formed in april 2011)
affiliations: Haru House (regular haru friend performer)

and yes we are planning to go VK and we plan to have a uniformed style like those VK bands in Japan, so as seen, we have currently 3 members, do not be shy to contact me for audition. I am friendly and don't bite

for audition please prepare the following 2 songs to audition, no need to play exactly, just play by what you think is right, but best if you don't use tabs,

please prepare and practice the lead guitar parts and solo part for:
1. SHIVER - the gazette (just play it, no need to use any harmony effects if you dont have the pedal, i just wanna see if your fingers can go that fast)

and if you play keyboard, please prepare the keyboard / string parts for:
1. PLEDGE - the gazette

hope to see you soon! guitar / keyboard nee-san! awaiting your contact.

Riven Helsing @ 96920982.