Hihi, anyone planning to cosplay Kogami Shinya and needs/wants a Makishima cosplayer as a group/duo, wanna team up together??

The only thing I really need from you is that you'll be attending Cosfest XIV, EOY Cosplay Festival '15, International Cosplay Day SG, STGC or any other events to be announced. It's totally fine if you can't attend all of them, I don't think I can either ==; Maybe 1-3 would be fine.

Err... Between the ages of 14-17 maybe? And I'm 155cm (yesyes chibi) so I'd prefer if you were that height, to about 169cm? Thank you >< OH! Also I'm biologically female so that means I'm crossplaying. Well, kind of. But you get the point (I hope), so I hope you're fine with that and can accept that.

If you're interested, do reply to this thread or maybe PM me. You could email me if you want a faster reply or more secure chat field. My email is ([email protected]). Thanks again c: