Greetings to all Persona fans~!

I'm currently looking for people who've cosplayed Persona 3/Persona 4 Characters before or has been wanted to cosplay one of them to form a group. 😁 (it's also welcomed if you want me to join your group haha)

We can form a group for Cosfest X'mas or any event in 2016~!

I will be either Minato or Aigis in Persona 3 Group and Chie in Persona 4 group. 😊
Here are some pics of my Minato cosplay:



Any character in Persona 3 (S.E.E.S,Strega,Pharos,Ryoji and any Social Link character) and Persona 4 (The Investigation Team and any Social Link character) are all welcomed!!

Let's spread our love for Persona together !!! XDD

Please comment here or send a message to me via Facebook ( FB name: Minaru Ho) if you're interested.