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    Post Idol dance group <3

    Hi guys I tend to make a dance cover team so I wanna ask if you still into and if you have free time to practice @[email protected]
    The main thing we will do is dance at events or record video with our team uniform so the budget is doesnt matter at all :3
    If you are interest it, please pm me
    my fb:

    We will do kind of Love Live, AKB0048, Aquors,... dance cover :3

    There are some Conditon:
    All I need are friendly and responsibility!!!
    1/ I will let you practice yourself at home before 2 week until the meet-ups. Must be ar lease 70% of dance.
    2/ If you are interest, I will show you the design of team uniform. This is NOT expensive so please...!!!
    3/ We will do LL dance first then others
    4/ Please come to the meet-ups at lease once a week.

    that it. WELCOME YOU ALL ^^
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