Hello everyone, I have 2 costumes that urgently needs to be selled or traded off before October, so I'd appreciate it if anyone would consider.

Rin's Meltdown: Hard Mix

Size: M (5'3" to 5'5"), bust = 36 inches, waist = 29 inches, hips = 38 inches.
Not included: Socks and boots.
Condition: Very good, fairly new, no older than 3 months old.
Original price: Grand total of $106
Selling price: $80 including shipping


Summer Sailor Uniform

Size: XL (bust = 34 inches, shoulder = 15 inches).
Note: Forgot to add on the image, but the skirt length is 16.5 inches, while the width can fit for those who are about 32 inches on the waist.
Original price: $55
Selling price: $45 including shipping.
Condition: Good, fairly new, about a month old.


Trading section:

If anyone wants to trade, the cosplays I want is Miku's "Love Is War" or "Renai Philosophy".

I take sizes L or XL, measuring about 35 inches on my waist, 38 inches on hips, 16 inches on shoulders and 19 inches on my thigh. So if anybody has either of Miku's costumes (reselling or custom made) on my size, I'm more than willing to trade rather than sell actually, since it will save both parties the cost and only the shipping prices is concerned.

Miku's megaphone (for Love is War) or heart handcuffs (for Renai Philosophy) is an added bonus.