☆Cosplay sales☆ Please help clear

。All costumes are roughly around size M
。Prices are all negotiable, but please don't be too much.
。Meet ups locations: Kallang, Dhoby, Scape (depends), Dover (when I have got school) Any other location please +$2 for transportation fee.
。Can opt for mailing too, but you need to pay for the mailing fee. Only available when pay 80% of the item first. Another 20% after you received the item, to ensure there won't be any scamming involved. I am fine if you wanna pay 100% before I mail out too.
。Payments avaiable: bank transfer or cash (for meetups only).

『For Sales』:
☆Black heels size 36 $5

LL Umi unawakened animal version pajamas $35, before afa $30

LL Nozomi unawakened qipao $30 includes bracelet + $2 with black heels

Unbreakable Machine doll - Charlotte Belew set $80
(Not really for fussy buyers, gloves, scarf, the brown arm guard thing are self-made. Gloves and the brown arm guard thing are both pu leather, scarf is satin, same color with the hat. Hat has also been edited cause it's not wearable even on anyone? If you can fit, just take out whatever I did, it's just hotglue gun so its fine.)
Includes: wig (100cm, m fringe), hat, scarf, arm guard, vest, inner shirt, skirt, gloves (No stockings or shoes)
Shining Blade
Elumina Roderia Set $100 (Laces not cheap pls)
Available after photoshoot next year, remaking it to be more frilly and cuter.
Reserved before photoshoot date (beginning 2016) : $80
Include: headdress, gloves, cape, costume, skirt, stockings, boots (size 38), wig, prop. Does not include pannier, please get your own.

『Free』: Not-so-well-made Elumina costume (feel free to have it, or it's going to the dustbin)