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    Default Prop Sword Commissioning service (2016)

    Hi, after years of hiding away and making stuffs XD

    2016 commissioning service

    Limited to swords, since this is my specialization.

    I am still planning for the service and pricing organization, tentatively will be opening service in Feburary 2016

    the older swords are covered with aluminum foil, which isn't really desirable since it sort of crumble, which looks super unrealistic on high resolution cameras.
    I am still trying to get my hands on foil ribbons which is more smooth, that is wide enough to be used on curved katana.

    Chinese swords
    2014 works

    older works 2013

    Japanese swords
    (these are relatively older works)

    Anime related
    2013 works, most of my swords are mounted with a full tang and mekugi

    2009 works

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