Biggest mistake new users often make?
Not reading the rules and regulations of the forum.

Search if the topic have already been made before creating a new thread
any duplicate threads (aka 'dupes') will be merge

this is the most common thing i'd seen: nearly 10 threads of the same topic..
which can't be blame
as 'understand you guys are excited to add converstions/discussions

since the search function of the forum does not work well due to
the exceeding high number of threads that have been created
you best solution is using Google search

for example you wanted to check if a thread on/about K-on alrdy existed/created or not
just type k-on
then add h††p://

like this:

Do not post any illegal download links
pretty much needs no explaination.

Do not post NSFW stuffs
since this whole forum is basically a SFW forum, please do not.

4. Our forum policy is very straightforward -
ANY topic can be posted/discussed as long as it does not contain
content of a explicit sexual/violent nature or
violate IP/Piracy laws or in general,
upset our users so much that they feel uncomfortable

while i will not a iron-fist moderator (i believe the other mods aren't too),
as long as you observed the rules pointed out
you pretty much have nothing to worry about.