All pictures and details can be seen in my FB photo album

Meetups at

Bedok - Sunday at 5
Kallang - Weekdays at 3

Other arrangements can be made but only up to the green line.


OOAK Arcadia Dolls outfit - $200SGD (negociable)

Cute handmade sock top - $5SGD

Blue tank top - $5SGD
Volks Top - $8 SGD
Red Panda Top - $5SGD

Male SD13 set from Sadol. - $30SGD

SD girl dress from Taobao (i forgot which shop) - $20SGD

Handmade red SD girl dress - $10SGD

MSD wig from Leeke World (brand new) $30SGD

Black 9-10 inch wig -10SGD

SD 9-9.5inch Leeke World Champagne brown wig (brand new) $30SGD

Fairyland FL65 Fullset wig 9-9.5inch $35SGD

Luts SD wig $25SGD

OOAK Handmade(by me) SD Headdress - $20SGD

(handmade by me) Bunny Necklace for SD or Body jewelry for Yo-SD - $15SGD

(handmade by me) Made with love Necklace for SD - $15SGD

(handmade by me)Scissors Necklace for SD - $15SGD
Key Necklace for SD - $15SGD
Made with love Necklace for SD - $15SGD
Bunny Necklace for SD - $15SGD

Lengths and chain size is customisable! Please PM me for more details!