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Thread: Volks SD10 Megu

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    Default Volks SD10 Megu

    Reposted from DOA.

    VOLKS SD10 F01 Megu

    Item Information:
    Item: VOLKS SD10 F01 Megu
    Brand/Maker: VOLKS
    Skintone and Resin Type: Pureskin normal (not sure)
    Included in sale: VOLKS SD10 Body
    VOLKS F01 Head
    Original silicone eyes (not the one pictured)
    Original Megu black wig

    Item Description
    Sadly I have to part with my Megu because I feel she is out of place among my other male SDs. She has mostly been displayed on a shelf and only taken down once in a while to check for staining and for cleaning.

    VOLKS F01 head (four sisters head) on a SD10 body. Not very sure about the skintone as I am not the first owner. I believe she has her default faceup but I removed the lashes and added new ones myself.

    I do not have the certificate but I have the volks box she was shipped in. The box is in a bad shape but I can send the doll in if buyer wishes (note that shipping will be more expensive)

    This item has the following damage: Damaged faceup or body blushing
    The face-up don't seem damaged to me but I removed her eyelashes if that counts.

    This item has the following modifications: Repairs/Restorations, Sueding (traditional suede/pliver, hot glue, etc.)
    Replaced eye lashes.

    She came sueded from volks I think.

    This item has a little yellowing (even).
    Not sure of the degree of yellowing but just to be safe I would say she has slightly yellowed
    It was made in Unsure. Probably 2006?. I am not the first owner of this item.

    Additional Images:

    Payment Information
    Price: I listed as USD700 on DOA but I am listing here for SGD700 because it will save me the trouble of having to post her out. Price is definitely negotiable, just let me know your comfortable range (but not TOO low)
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