Absolutely brand-new.
Bought the doll earlier this year: 25/01/2014.
I am the first owner of this doll.
Reason for selling: Wanted to start a new hobby, and I chose this, found out that it really wasn't for me in the end So I have decided to sell it away, going into new homes and starting afresh instead of rotting away and eating dust in my closet. Please be a kind soul !!

Any defects?: Yes. The feet of the 1/3 SD gray skin doll has several black stains due to the shoes. Can be wiped away by Mr.magic sponge, but did not have time to go out and buy and clean them.
Condition: 9/10 [ due to the feet only]
Here are the doll measurements:
Eyes : 18mm
* Height : 60 cm
* Head Circumference : 24 cm
* Neck Circumference : 9.5 cm
* width of shoulder : 14cm
* Arm Length : 19 cm
* Chest Circumference : 25 cm
* Circumference of waist: 20 cm
* Circumference of Hip: 25.5 cm
* Leg Length : 34 cm
* Feet Length : 7.5 cm

Comes with:
*Basic Doll (come with both Human and Elf ears)
*Eyes (Random Color)
*Certificate card, box,default wig,default face up, complete sailor boy suit(pants+top+neckie+hat+shoes),face cap and cushion.
Throwing everything in, all for : $500

This doll is from Doll-leaves. Has great reviews on DOA on the Andy doll itself.

Here is the link:

The doll looks exactly like in the picture, but u can Whatsapp me for real life pictures[ SERIOUS BUYER, DONT GET MY HOPES UP]

Got the doll itself ( plus shipping ) for about SGD$700, going off at $500 even though it is brand new ):

Event doll from doll leaves: Ovid $200[alone] $150[with 1/3 doll]

Height: 16cm
eyes: 12mm
Angel-body [ no gender ]
Comes with: Default wig and random eyes, Face up, body blushing and a birth certificate. Does not come in box as it came with the original 1/3 doll box.

no delfects, condition : 10/10

Heres a link to the picture of the doll from its original website, the doll looks exactly like in the pictures I wasnt disappointed when both dolls came in.

All dolls shows no sign of yellowing, completely unharmed, kept indoors and have never been brought out.
Doll is kept in its original box, no contact with direct sunlight at ALL.
Doll comes from a smoke-free and pet-free envioronment.

I can do world-wide shipping, but you will have to pay the shipping fee
Full-payments only.
Meet-ups or Bank- transfer

You can contact me through whatsapp : +65 96969038 [ for locals ]
email: [email protected] [ Non-locals, Singaporean locals pls do not email me]

I WILL NOT be checking PMS as I do not come on as often, but im 24/7 otp

Hope they find good owners Thank you for your time !