Selling as I will be moving to a smaller place.

I will be selling everything I have to u (all pics below)- Doll, 2 wigs ,2 outfits, Boots, Doll Stand and Doll Bag plus extra string if u need to restring her.--- Purchase her at ard 900SGD back then( and that's only the doll plus one outfit) ,
However now selling everything for 600 SGD.

She's in very good condition; mostly kept in the bag.

Best if could meet up in North East Area; Any Shipping required will fall on Purchaser.

Do PM me or contact me @ 93885638 if u require more pictures

Pls inform me if you need any more Pics

Background story:

Fay (飛) as her name signifies, is a carefree girl and she seeks for freedom. She is the most popular girl in Domu High. Many timid ones are afraid of her thus, her suitors are mainly those who are more mature and the cooler ones in school. Many girls admire and are jealous of her beauty. When she walks along the corridor, many heads from the respective classroom will turn and look at her.

She has a younger twin brother who is equally cool and attractive, named Syon. Their celebrity looks is inherited from their once Top Model mum and their Business Tycoon dad.


D1 60 Flexi Female

Tall: 58cm
Circumference of Neck: 9cm
Circumference of Small Bust: 25cm
Shoulder Width: 11cm
Length of Arm from Shoulder to Wrist: 19cm
Length from Elbow to Wrist: 9cm
Length of Back: 13.5cm
Circumference of Waist: 17.5cm
Circumference of Hips: 24.5cm
Length of Hips to Knee: 18cm
Length of Knee to Ankle: 14cm
Circumference of Ankle: 8cm
Foot Size: 7cm

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