SWITCH Vian head with face-up

PRICE: 380 sgd

Item description:
Letting go of this head since I'm revising my doll plans.
I bought the head secondhand and sent it for face-up immediately after I got it. It's been in the package ever since it returned a few months ago and I haven't opened it, but I can take a picture of it if you're interested. Otherwise it's as the face-up artist's photograph.

Included in sale:
Vian head (1/3 sized) with face-up by Ticuk Aesthetics.
Certification card
Box if I can find it.

Almost like new from its previous owner. I daresay the face-up is undamaged since I haven't moved the box around much and I trust the artist has packaged it safely.
This head was made in 2010.

Payment methods:
By Paypal (balance/credit card), bank transfer or cash-and-carry. Please note the listed price excludes Paypal fees and shipping charges.

Will partially trade for Bambicrony Vanilla, with or without face-up, with top-up payments.
Contact me for layaway details if you're interested.

Contact me at 96262243 for quicker responses. Thank you for looking!