The Market Place/Garage Sales Rules Thread

In summary, don't be a jerk and usually we won't kachiau you.

General Rules

1. VR Media Pte Ltd will like to protect the interest of all our forums members, we will not be responsible for any losses arising from the use of the garage sales. Users are to engage in transactions with other forum members at their own risk.

2. If you're here to cheat/con/swindle someone (spoilt/pirated/something wrong goods), go away and find a real job. Be aware that we have a very advanced IP logging and user fingerprinting system which we can pass on to the authorities (and have have done that before and the culprits got caught)

3. No buying/selling of illegal/contraband items (up to admin/mod discretion)

4. At all times, the admins/mods reserve the right to moderate/close/shutdown your thread, with reasonable justification of course

Rules for buyers:

1. Don't spoil people's threads (lowballing price, making stupid/unnecessary comments, posting links to other sales)
2. Be a man, do the right thing! (meaning once you've agreed to a price and location, and turn up/pay up. No $$$/interest, don't bid then!)
3. Clones of the seller faking bids to artifically raise the pricing - if caught, instant ban + shame

Rules for sellers:

1. This forum is for Personal & Second Hand Sales Only, it is NOT your online shopfront.

However unlike our other forum (), we will close one eye unless you are seriously spamming and irritating the rest. So don't abuse ok?

If you (commericial entity) would like to use VRForums as a platform to reach a greater mass, kindly send us an email: [email protected]

2. External Links are allowed for the purposes of showing information about the product (e.g. manufacturer's website listing specifications, 3rd party review)

3. There is no limit on the number of sales threads. However, we reserve the right to merge or delete excessive threads.

4. You're advised to use the provided prefixes WTS, WTB, WTT, MWTS...

5. Offensive thread titles or content will be clamped down

6.The opening post should state clearly what you have for sale. A recommended format is as follows:

Product Brand/Model:
Manufacturer's Warranty: {also state if no warranty remaining. is proof of purchase needed/included?}
Description: {preferably with images of the actual item}
Condition: {scratched? some functions not working? age?}

Price Originally Purchased At:
Estimated Current Retail Price (brand new):

User's real name:
Contact No/Email address: {if not contacting through PM}
Preferred Location/Time: {if not contacting through PM}
Additional Information: {Like reason for selling...}

Reservation Price (RP):
Buy Now Price (BNP):

{to be updated during bidding process}
Start Bid:
Current Bid: {state name of bidder and amount} e.g. TanAhKow $50
7.State the currency if a currency other than SGD is being used.

8. Deals are considered to be tentatively closed when the seller and buyer have agreed on the item(s), price, exchanged their contact details and set a date/time/place for the transaction to take place.
Sellers/buyers are advised to state publicly in the sales thread that a deal has been tentatively agreed on.
If either of the parties wishes to change the date/time/place, or has decided not to carry on with the transaction, he is advised to inform the other party ASAP, minimum two hours in advance. If either party does not show up at the agreed date/time/place without prior notification then the tentative agreement may be considered to be void.

9. Threads which have been posted in the wrong forum will be moved/deleted (i.e. mobile phone sales in notebook sales forum)