This post is targeted at incoming NUS freshmen of AY2014/2015!

It’s a little late, but applications for the NUS Japanese Studies Society (JSS) Freshmen Social Camp (FSC) are open! The camp will be held from the 30th of June (Mon) to the 3rd of July (Thurs), so it’s a 4D3N camp. The venues are NUS and People’s Association Holiday Camp, and the cost of the camp is $35 (inclusive of chalet fees, camp T-shirt & of course your camp goodie bag).

This year’s camp is called Pop! Camp, and the theme is popular culture. So we’ll be incorporating elements of popular culture such as J-pop, food, anime, and fashion into our camp. Don’t worry if you’re not planning to be a Japanese Studies major – we welcome anyone who’s interested in anything Japanese, whether it’s food or kabuki or J-pop or food or Mount Fuji or fashion or food or visual-kei. Our members do not consist of only Japanese Studies majors, in fact most of us are from various faculties in NUS. That said, if you’re interested in being a Japanese Studies major or minor you should definitely think about joining us since you can meet seniors who have taken Japanese Studies modules or are majors. So you can take the opportunity to find out more about Japanese Studies too, apart from meeting others who share your interest in anything Japanese.

For those who are interested in joining us, click this link for the sign-up form.
We will record your sign-ups and then send you a confirmation email sometime in June, with details on the camp and what you have to bring. The confirmation email will also include information on the indemnity form we require you to fill in and submit, as well as how to pay your camp fees. If you do have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].

Please keep yourself updated on camp events through the Facebook page for the camp too.
If you have friends who are matriculating into NUS and also have a keen interest in Japanese culture, do let them know as well! Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at our camp!