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    Arrow 2014 DECember, 5th Harajuku Fashion Walk, Merlion Park, Singapore

    Event: 5th Harajuku Fashion Walk Singapore
    Date 13 December 2014 Saturday
    Time: 1600 - 1900 hours (4:00pm - 7:00pm)
    Venue: Merlion Park

    This is most colorful and hottest walk (by all meaning) in Singapore!
    We welcome everyone who loves Harajuku Fashion.

    The schedule and the journey will be the same as its previous walks.
    However, there are a few reminders that we would like to have all the participants to abide with.

    <On Time / Off Time> (・ω・(;・ω・)
    Based from the last walk, there were a significant number of participants who were late as we were about to depart from Singapore National Museum, resulting us reaching ION at a very much later time.
    As such, we would appreciate if all the participants can keep track of their time so as to ensure that we can complete the walk on time without facing the issue of jeopardizing other partic...ipants' planned schedule.

    <Yes Photograpy / No Photograpy>ヾ(゚д゜ )三( ゚д゚)ノ"
    Feel free to take photographs during the walk. However, please refrain doing so when we are in the building. In short, please take pictures at outside, especially group photos.

    We would appreciate it if you can cooperate as we would like to end the walk before sunset with no issue that may jeopardize our planned schedule.

    Part ONE 16:00~
    Meet at the Merlion Park at 4PM. After taking a group photo, our walking will be kicked off and continue until National museum of Singapore.

    Part TWO 17:30~
    Meet at the National museum of Singapore at 5:30PM. After taking a group photo, our walking will be kicked off and continue until ION.

    *You can walk whole route Merlion-ION (2.5hours)
    *It is up to you to decide where to join / leave

    [ ]

    Progress of the walking will be updated timely on Twitter. Please be sure to follow this.
    You can find where we are by checking it out.
    It will be handy for those who stray from the group or those who want to join in the middle.

    The walking will be cancelled if it rains.
    It will be announced on Facebook and twitter on the day. See More
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