《Dynasty Frontier》is going LIVE on 25th March at 10:00AM (GMT +8)

Facebook page - http://www.facebook.com/DynastyFrontier
English website - http://df.gamebegin.com
YouTube channel - GameSky Global - YouTube

Dynasty Frontier is the first action game in 2014 to feature a dual-language UI system, where players can switch between English and Chinese while playing. A side-scrolling action game, Dynasty Frontier is suitable for both hardcore and casual players, with intense combo combat and magnificent skill effects.

Selecting 1 of the available classes, players will need to go through different maps and dungeons, with iconic locations found from the novel, Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

Re-live the epic battles fought and eventually recruit the famous generals as combat partners. Dynasty Frontier is not all about keyboard mashing, as there are several relaxing features as well. Dynasty Frontier runs on all major browsers, including Safari on Mac machines, with no downloads required.

Dynasty Frontier has the unique feature of allowing UI language switch between Chinese and English at any time. Do not worry, everyone is still playing in the same server no matter the UI language.