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TalesRunner Malaysia, the racing MMO game hosted by WinnerOnline, is proud to announce the arrival of the 12th character: Kuro the Ninja! Due to be patched on 21rd May!! Kuro will be made available on TalesRunner MY, are you exciting now ??!!!

Patch List:
- Map: Angry Little Riding Red Hood (Hard)
- License: 3rd
- New Character: Kuro
- New Costume: exclusive for Kuro
- New Pet: Mystic Buddha
- New Channelling: Malaysian User Login
- New Functionality Item: Phoenix Tear
- Farm item drop rate x2 (Farm Animal Nutrition)

Item Mall:
- Female Character discount 20%
- Farm Item discount 25%

About TalesRunner
TalesRunner is a story-driven MMO racing game that invites players into a world of fantasy and competition! Players are launched into the Land of Fairy Tales where they must race to save beloved mythical creatures from vanishing forever. Tales Runner invites users and friends to immerse themselves in this magical world, with a partner-based levelling system, a socially interactive farming game, a town square for hanging out, and an in-game marriage system! Featuring a wide range of competitive mini-activities and an alchemy profession to craft powerful items, Tales Runner is more than a racing game. It's a brilliant world of high-speed adventure!


Married, two player accounts must be in a couple first. One member of the couple needs to buy one of available marriage bundles. Each bundle consists of a Wedding Priest and a set of souvenir vouchers. Place the Wedding Priest on your farm and interact with him. Once you have both promised your oath you are married! Marriage gives both married players new heart-shaped farm layout and access to set of marriage-oriented farm items .Married couple can adopt up to three children by purchasing the item, Family Pledge in shop.

Guild Farm
Once you create a guild, you are given a guild farm. Guild farms provide a place to socialize with you and your guild members only. As you level up your farm by accumulating experience and contribution points with your guild members, you are given more amenities that provide more rewards and guild missions.

Co-op Mode
Unlike the other modes of Tales Runner, Co-op is a game mode in which 8 users cooperates to fight Boss Mob against the backdrop of chaos in the fairy land. Unlike the other running modes, all the users will get the same rankings depending upon the numbers of users who have survived and the clearing time taken for each section, instead of the order of the runners in the Map. The newest Co-op map to be released is Scoria Hell and is based off of the map, Ali Baba.

Animal Racing Mode
Unlike the other modes of Tales Runner, it is a game mode in which a user makes racing by riding on an animal. You can purchase an animal from Animal Farm to ride on for a racing. This mode is a fresh exciting mode for those who are used to the casual style of racing.