Hey guys!

Not sure whether many of you would know this game, Latale is a 2D MMORPG kind of like MapleStory but different design and graphics of course. The only similar part between these 2 games would be its 2D Platform design, but that's all!

I really appreciate their anime-styled illustrations, some character designs can be seen below!

They have really cute emoticons as well! A few of them are like this!

There is another English server published by OGP, but the server is located in the US and Latency issue is really bad, even till now, so most of us living outside the US could not play it. Imagine pressing 1 button and your character only responds 0.5-1 sec later

Anyway, I discovered Latale SEA few weeks ago and decided to give it a go, and there really isn't any latency lag issue! Check out this video by one of our players in the game!

Do check out this SEA server! I'm actually posting this simply because this server is really very new, (only abt 3 mths old+) and not much people knew about this server.

I'm here to spread the love and hope to see you guys in game!!

URL: LA TALE OVERVIEW | Korean Online Games - Game&Game