Recently have created a private server base on the newest Renewal system and new class , sharing with our fellow local friends .

Featuring the new Instances and on , hoping to have a few local Singaporeans to try out the game !

Currently Host is in LA , but moving to Local Asia Hosting around next month .

Welcome to ChelRO - Ragnarok Online
Low Rate / Renewal / Doram Race / A server for players to be heard

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We are a low rate server strive to keep things as simple as possible , custom item free and no Pay2Win.
Our goal in the server is actually a peoples server , we take in players opinion , advices and ideas and implement them to the server.
Definitely the players would want to make the game better for to enjoy their playtime !

Basic Informations
Base/Job: 20x/20x
Quest : 15x
Item Drop: 20x | Card Drop: 1x | Mvp Card: 1x
Max ASPD : 193
Max Level @ 175/60

Doram Race (Summoner Class)
Daily Rewards , Hourly Rewards System
Auto Events Every Quarter , Half and Hour !
No PayToWin (We do not take donation , get credit points just by voting!)
Renewal 3RD Jobs - 175/60
Exapanded Class ~( Kagerou/Oboro/Rebellion/Summoner )[/size]

Instances Available
Old Glast Heim
Sara Memory
Sealed Shrine
Orcs Memory
Nydhoggs Nest
Endless Tower
Wolfchev's Laboratory
Octopus Cave
Malangdo Culvert
Hazy Forest
And more to come !

Official NPC's

Eden Quest System available
WoE !
Enchanting System and more !

Special NPC
Card Point Trader (Trades your un used cards to points and exchange for better cards!)
Headgear Quest
Zeny to CashPoints
Custom Battleground Badge Exchange System
Job Warper (Warps you to job changer ! we do not have job masters :])
AutoEvent NPC's (automatically host events ingame every Hour mark 00 , 15 and 30 minutes )
STYLIST (Every server has one isnt it ?)
Dungeon Warper (You would have to unlock the maps to use the dungeon warper !)
Resetter NPC (Reset by paying zeny , cool down time 1 week)
Rewards NPC's (For Max Levels etc)
Daily Rewards , Hourly Rewards System
and many more

Player Commands
@commands , @rates , @time , @whodrops , @jailtime , @autoloot , @whois , @showzeny , @showexp , @hominfo , @mii , @ii

Join us now ![/CENTER]