1. Business Tycoon Online(http://bto.dovogame.com/)
Business Tycoon Online is a fun and challenging business simulation game where you compete against thousands of players to build the most successful business in a 70-day round. Players will act as an entrepreneur to fight in Liberty City, starting with a small shop, experiencing all difficulties and challenges on their way, constantly expanding their business territory and raising social status until they become a famous entrepreneur through their hard work. Tycoon Online is persistent browser-based game (PBBG). There is nothing to download or install — just play from your web browser! You can play and complete for free.

2. Virtonomics(http://virtonomics.com/)
Virtonomics is an online business simulation game. Reviewers say that “Virtonomics” is a “… browser game that stands out among others. It is unique in its kind”. “Virtonomics” combines logical gaming, business-gaming, business simulation, economic strategy, and real economy simulation to entertain players while giving them insights on how to run a successful business. This is a free-to-use multiplayer online browser game that welcomes all players.

3. Wewaii(http://www.wewaii.org/)
Wewaii is a 2D browser based game where you can build the most beautiful hotel, make your tourists happy and enjoy the vacation feeling. Dozens of different buildings, deck chairs and trees allow an individual design of your hotel and all those objects can be placed anywhere you like. Fluent scrolling and zooming always allows the best view on the happenings around your hotel.

Anyone who has played other great business simulation games?