Interested to Sell my "COMPLETED" Pokemon X Cartridge
What Do I mean by complete.

- Live Pokedex of all 718 Pokemon (Having them physically, Including all Pokebank Legendary, Video is the proof)
- All Mega-stone (Both X & Y Exclusive)
- Over 100 Perfect 5iv and Ev Trained Pokemon with Held Item, Competitive Ready. (3 of them are Shiny Perfect)
- Around 20 Perfect 5iv but not EV trained yet
- 100 of each Reset EV berries (Those that reduce EV and increase friendliness)
- At least 20 of each Berries (Mutated and Non-Mutated)
- 200 of each Protein,Carbos, Calcium, Iron, Hp Up etc.
- 5m Gold with alot of Balm Mushroom. (Basically it's just alot of money)
- 6iv Ditto ready for you to breed anything that you want
- 3x lvl 100 Phanpy for Pick-up just in case you need more Leftovers
- 60+ Heartscale to relearn skills
- A number of PP Up and PP Max

Including those held item, there should be over 20x leftovers and 20x life orb and those useful held item like assault vest, focus sash, etc.

Everything ready for your to customize your favourite competitive team.

600hrs gameplay time and tons of patiences to get all this....

Current offer: $110, (Maybe update without updating this thread)

Bid ends on 2nd Feb 2014 2359.

do not pm me as i dun check here. sms me at 90113604 or facebook message mat to place your bid