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    Default Visual Novel for PC: Aiyoku no Eustia (穢翼のユースティア 初回版)

    Japanese visual novel for PC (18+) by August-Soft: Aiyoku no Eustia (穢翼のユースティア 初回版)
    Product info page:

    Description (taken from vndb):
    After the surface of the world broke down, the city of Novus Aether floats in the sky, thanks to the prayers of the Holy Maiden. Years ago, when the Holy Maiden's prayer was interrupted, an incident known as the "Gran Forte" occurred, causing a portion of the land to fall and split the lower city into two, separated by a cliff.

    In time, the lowest layer became the dwelling of all kinds of low-lives, people who lost much of their former lives during the "Gran Forte", becoming known as the "Prison". However, a contagious disease which causes people to grow wings has spread throughout the city, and a unit has been formed to deal with these people swiftly.

    In this "Prison" resides Caim Astraea, a freelance ex-assassin who does odd jobs for his friends for money, refusing jobs that require him to kill people. During one request, Caim finds a girl who contracts the wing-disease, enveloped in a light that reminds Caim of the “Gran Forte” years ago...

    WinXP and above (region/locality must be changed to Japan while running the game). Note that this game is in Japanese.

    Awards & Recognition
    Voted as 2nd best VN of 2011 by 2ch and getchu.

    Original Purchase Price: I preordered the game and it cost me about ~SGD $130 (including shipping and acquisition costs)

    Current market price: ~9500 yen on getchu and ~ 10500 yen on amazon (excluding shipping

    Selling at: SGD $80

    Goods Condition
    Note that this is the 初回版 and it comes with a supplementary booklet and BGM CD.
    The box has been opened before to inspect the contents; otherwise, it is brand new and unused and in perfect condition (I bought it for collection purpose)

    Reason for Selling
    Quitting VN play and collection.

    Best way to contact me is to chat me up on carousell (or PM me here)
    carousell listing:
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