The original price for each ticket is $38 (Inclusive of $3 booking fee). Now the pair of tickets is only sold at $49.

Date: 04/12 (Sun) 3pm
Duration: Approx. 2hrs 15 mins

University Cultural Centre Theatre, NUS


If you or your friends are interested, pls drop me an email at [email protected]. Thanks.

配合电台欢庆75周年,新传媒属下三大中文电台YES93.3FM,CAPITAL958城市频道以及LOVE972最爱频道,将动员所有台前幕后广播精英,史无前例呈献一出华语舞台剧, 剧名为「回音」,体现电台广播75年耒以声音服务大众一种历久不衰的精神.

由前933DJ林宝宝编剧, 剧情通过一个家庭三代人,带出他们与电台广播之间的情意结。 自战前40年代迄今,一同见证了电台广播在生活中所扮演的重要角色,也同时展现广播电台 能穿越不同年代,与时并进的坚韧性,始终是民众不能缺少的生活良伴。


Radio personalities take to the stage in a never before seen theatrical spectacle - <>. Radio DJs from Singapore’s top three radio stations- Y.E.S. 93.3FM, Capital 95.8FM and Love 97.2FM- come together for the first time in a production to mark Radio's 75th Anniversary.

In a tale that spins across seventy five years and three generations, a family and a whole community was bond by the emergence of radio. Scripted by former YES 93.3DJ Lin Baobao, the play will bring the audience on a journey through time and how radio DJs connected with listeners in different eras. Familiar DJs like Dennis Chew, Lim Pei Fen, Ong Teck Chon, Liang Peng, Xu Bing, Ong Teck Meng, Chua Lee Lian, Violet Fenying and many more will take on various roles in this production.