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Willing to negotiate on certain objects, but please... please... try

not to. I'm still in financial difficulties and really need to sell

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Condition of items based on Diamond's collection quality.

Terrible-Poor-Bad-Average-Good-Excellent-Near Mint-Mint


Love Hina 2002 calander <Anime>
Ah&#33; My Goddess&#33; 2002 calander <Anime>
Both in Excellent condition: &#036;30 each

G-Taste 2003 Daily calander &#036;50
Chobits 2003 Kodansha calander <with free cd rom> &#036;60 non-negotiable

Chobits manga postcard set
Near Mint condition: &#036;30

Chobits book 8 Limited Ed <Comes with carry case and mousepad>
Near Mint condition: &#036;40

Hikaru no Go&#33; anime postcard set
Near Mint condition: &#036;15

Noir art book
Excellent condition: &#036;45

Sister Princess note books <2 per set, 3 sets available>
Each set is in Mint condition: &#036;30 per set non-negotiable

Final Fantasy Tactics Collection Volume 1 <Slightly scruffy, came in this
condition when bought> <OUT OF PRINT>
Average condition: &#036;40

Final Fantasy X "The Making of" book <Bonus&#33; Comes with stickers>
Near Mint condition: &#036;60

Ah&#33; My Goddess&#33; Movie Manga book 2 <1 and 3 have already been sold>
Near Mint condition: &#036;10

You&#39;re Under Arrest note book
Excellent condition: &#036;20

Love Hina manga chinese 1-11
Excellent condition: &#036;60

Ah&#33; My Goddess&#33; manga 1-9 chinese + 2 free english versions
Excellent condition: &#036;45

Miracle of the Zone manga japanese 3
Excellent condition: &#036;5

Sailormoon manga chinese 9
Bad condition: &#036;2

s.CRY.yed manga japanese 1-5 <Complete>
Near mint condition: &#036;50

Graduation movie manga 1-2 <complete>
Good condition: &#036;10

Love Hina card deck <Still with packaging>
Excellent condition: &#036;20

Cards/Decks <Misc. CCG&#39;s>

Star Wars Bundle Set:
For 2-6 players, bonus includes deck strategies, theme decks and limited,
collector&#39;s set items such as original "Astroid Sanctuary" cards, and enough
extra cards to create 4 more decks <2 more Light Side, 2 more Dark Side>
Cards of Note: C3P0, Obi Wan Kenobi, Vader&#39;s Lightsaber, Djas Puba, Laudica
Main decks:
Star Wars Light Side "Obi-space" deck
Star Wars Dark Side Space deck
Good to Excellent condition
Total Bundle cost: &#036;200

Doom Troopers starter deck:
Good condition: &#036;10

Spellfire Bundle Set:
For 2 players, with enough cards for more tweaking, possibly a third deck
SpellFire Dragonlance - Mage Deck
SpellFire "The Land&#39;s the Thing" Deck
<FREE&#33;>SpellFire "The Essential Guide" covers all expansions up to the
Forgotten Realms
Excellent condition
Total Bundle cost: &#036;40

Middle Earth "Influence of Friends" Deck
<Voted 5th Best All Time CCG by Inquest>
Cards of Note: The Arkenstone, Sword of Gondolin, Eoywn, Beorn, Frodo
Includes extras for further tweaking
Excellent condition: &#036;30

<Voted 8th Best All Time CCG by Inquest>
2 player only game well-tweaked deck
Runner "Noisy crackers" deck
Corporation "With Extreme Prejudice" deck
Cards of note:
Runner: Tycho Mem Chip, The Short Circuit, Short Term Contract, Bodyweight Synthetic Blood, Access through Alpha, Databroker, Danshi&#39;s 2nd ID, Jack &#39;N Joe, Crash Everitt
Corp: Data Fort Reclaimation, Project Venice, Cinderella, Political Coup, Neutral Blade
Excellent condition: &#036;45

ShadowRun "Magical Men" deck
Excellent Condition: &#036;20

Magic: The Gathering
"Angelic Knights" Deck <Includes 3rd edition Out of Print cards such as Sol Ring, Serra Angel, Sereph, and other cards such as Knight of Dawn, Mother of Runes>
"Elves&#33;" Theme deck <Built around elves, elves and more elves. Birds of
Paradise 3rd edition are to be noted>
"Rebel&#39;s call" original Torment theme deck
All in excellent condition. The first two come with their own deck

boxes and
card sleeves FREE&#33;

"AK" deck &#036;60
"Elf" deck &#036;45
"Rebel&#39;s call" deck &#036;15

Role Playing Games <Pen and Paper>

White Wolf Mage: The Ascension Player&#39;s Handbook Revised Edition
Excellent condition: &#036;50

Warhammer Fantasy RPG All-in-one Guidebook <Works with Warhammer

miniatures game set as well&#33;>
Poor condition: &#036;10

Computer Games <All Original>

Icewind Dale
Near Mint condition: &#036;30

Baldur&#39;s Gate 2 COLLECTOR&#39;S EDITION
<FREE&#33; Guide to BG2 AND Guide to Throne of Bhaal&#33;>
Near Mint condition: &#036;100

Megaman X
<FREE&#33; Controller&#33;>
Excellent condition: &#036;25

Dark Sun Wake of the Ravager
Near Mint condition: &#036;20

Panzer General
Near Mint condition: &#036;30

Ultima Collection
<FREE&#33; Ultima Collection guide&#33;>
Excellent condition: &#036;40

Tribes 2
Near Mint condition: &#036;35

Kohan: Immortal Soverigns
Near Mint condition: &#036;40


Mage Knight Bundle Set: <BUNDLE ONLY>
Mage Knight Black Powder Rebels starter set
Mage Knight Regular starter set <assorted>
Excellent condition
Total Bundle cost: &#036;40

Dragon Dice:
Enough dice to make 3-4 armies for 3-4 players
<FREE&#33;> Dragon Dice computer game
Excellent condition <as dice should be>
Total Bundle cost: &#036;35

WWF Caps + Slammer set <Razor Ramon, Owen Hart, 2 logos, Tatanka vs Lex
Luger Tatanka Slammer>

Basketball set
&#39;91 + &#39;92 + &#39;95 NBA misc cards
Average to Good condition: &#036;5

Comic cards Bundle set
X-Men &#39;91 + Wolverine "From then till now" season 2 + &#39;92 DC Comics + &#39;92 Marvel universe + &#39;93 Valiant Comics
Average to Good condition: &#036;20

Limited Edition Star Trek: The Next Generation movie cards <3 unopened 1 opened pack>
Good to Near Mint condition: &#036;20