i'm selling my hitomi shimatani albums. they are in perfect, mint condition. which means there is no scratches, no fingerprints and still retain their fresh, newly opened smell in it (^o^). can say it's the best of the best second hand item cause for one thing, i'm a cleaniness freak and hate people touching my stuff without washing their hands clean first (-o-).

the albums are:

1. Special Concept album (with its limited Edition Sepia-Colored cover!)

2. 4th Album: Tsuioku+Love Letter (limited Edition, comes with DVD of PVs and offshots!!!)

3. BEST compliation (comes with VCD of 3 PVs)

originally bought at around S$20 for each albums, i'm selling them at S$15~17. just leave a message on the forum boards! (^o*).

quality is assured and no meeting up to see the quality of the CDs so as to maintain their condition! i only accept immediate cash so no paying by installments!