Selling those followings books as below... all in good condition.. most of it are wrapped up nicely... feel free to pm me if u want any of those books below or if u would like to negotiate the price, pls pm me.. thanks!

Completed Series

(Tong Li) 夜型爱人专门店 -Blood Hound- 1[end] = $5/-
By Kaori Yuki

(Chuang Yi) Alice 19th 1-7[end] - $20/-
By Watase Yuu

(Chuang Yi) Love Hina 1-14[end] - $30/- (turn a bit yellow but nevertheless, its still in good condition!! )
By Ken Akamatsu

(Tong Li) 恶魔当铺 1-2[end] - $10/-
By Kaoru Ohashi

(Chuang Yi) 太阳王子 1-2[end] - $5/-
By 兄崎由奈

(Chuang Yi) 超心理现象能力者 1-3[end] - $7.50/-
By 牙凪亮

(Tong Li) Diabolo -恶魔- 1-3[end] - $12/-
By Kaoru Ohashi & Kei Kusunoki

Incompleted Series

(Chuang Yi) W. Juliet 1-9[incomplete] - $18/-
By 絵夢羅

(Chuang Yi) Mahou Sensei Negima 1-4[incomplete] - $8/-
By Ken Akamatsu]

(Chuang Yi) Detective Conan 特别篇 1-4[incomplete] - $4/- (Turned a bit yellow too... still in good condition though..)
By 青山刚昌

(Chuang Yi) 男女跷跷板 1-6[incomplete] - $11/- (All has no problem except book 2... the poster got printing error... :'( so i am charging a price of $2 for each book.. but book 2 i only charge $1.. )
By 津田雅美

(Chuang Yi) Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle 1-2[incomplete] - $4/-

(Tong Li) Death Note book 10[incomplete] - $4.50/- (In very good condition! not even read yet... wanted to buy CY ver... but blur me bought wrong ver... ")
By Tsugumi Ohba & Takeshi Obata


Sister Princess VCDs[completed] (Jap/Chn Dubbed, Chn/Eng Subbed) - $15/-

Fushigi Yuugi VCDs Box Set 1[incomplete] - $5/-
By Odex

Yu-Gi-Oh First Series VCDs[completed] (Canto/Jap Dubbed, Chn Subbed) - $10/-