Hi! Happy Chinese New Year!

My friend and I will be setting up a stall at Cosfesta!
We will setup at 1pm and begin as soon as we finish displaying our goods. It'll be flea-market style sale, more you buy the more discounts will be given!
However if books/manga becomes torn/folded will be considered SOLD.
Visit our stall's homepage!

Used manga books from 50 cents to $5/book, depending on its condition and popularity.
* I'd added more manga to be sold on that day.
*Bulk discounts
*Purchase in sets (incomplete/complete)

Artbooks were all plastic book wrapped. Japanese & English CG mags such as CG iCupid, Ultragraphics, WinGraphics, Computer Arts and 3D World will be on sale (with CD)
*Bulk discounts

Only 3 posters: X deluxe poster from Asuka 1999 *RARE , Lain & Card Captor Sakura Tarot Cards (A-Club)

Miscellanous items such as puzzle sets from Japan (commemorate Manga Day); Limited edition Chobits collectibles like mousepad and keychain/handphone strap; Spirited Away DVD (red-tinted) and Ayumi's VCD.

Around 135 vol. of A-Clubs scattered between issues #64-333.
*$1.50/ea. regardless torn/missing pages,etc
*Buy 5 copies or more for $1.20/ea. Buy 10 copies or more for $1/ea.

Used/old Japanese magazines such as Newtype ($2.50/copy) and Shoxx (Jrock) will be on sale.

Japanese Learning Materials at great discounts off their original price!

Last in our list are the exclusive canned flowers going at $5.80/can only! These are not fake plants, the seed will grow with sunlight and water, right from their own can homes!