I'm selling the following:

VCD (pretty old and selling them cheap&#33:

Flame of Recca
14 VCDs
In Japanese, Subtitles in Old Chinese

13 VCDs
In Japanese or in Cantonese, Subtitles in Old Chinese

DVDs (which I bought from HK and watched only once). All of them are in Japanese and have Old Chinese and English Subtitles:

Love Hina 1-24 + Spring and Winter Special
3 DVDs (In Boxset, no scratches at all)

Saikano (She the ulitmate weapon)
3 DVDs (In Boxset, no scratches at all)

4 DVDs (In a boxset, scratches here and there behind the dvds when I just bought it, but the quality is not compromised)

Pls note that for Hack//Sign, I tried watching it on a cheap dvd player and it has abit of fuzzy stuff sometimes on screen, especially when there is fast motion, but when I watch it on my higher end dvd player or computer, I did not notice such a problem. But if it does happen to you, pls let me know and I will give you the cash back.

Pls let me know which titles you are interested in! Thanks!