For a great deal of the past many years, you would have finished better placing your cash in gold, than investing in the STI.Gold is understood by many as the “barbarous relic.” It would not earn interest. You have to pay storage costs to maintain it. It is not used for industrial motives. And swings in the price of gold have lost plenty of speculators’ cash.An investment is something in that you count on to earns a return of capital. Gold traders buy hoping to sell at a higher charge. They are disappointed at violent rate swings of live gold price on a regular basis.Even keeping only a 3 percent allocation in gold could save your portfolio in the case of a meltdown.Without gold, your portfolio would drop 19.4 (if the 3 percentage have been in cash in place of gold). With gold, your loss could be 16.4 percentages – saving you S$3,000. It really is nonetheless a huge decline. But a small protecting of gold offers loads of saving.The current price of gold has a different correlation with the market when the market goes up, the price of gold goes down but when the market goes down the gold price goes up. By buying gold, traders can save themselves from losing a huge amount of money.