Comfortdelgro Corporation Ltd is now releasing a barrage of bad news, which means more and more sellers coming forwards. This is the time where we should be reading more into where the price will eventually end up. With more and more sellers coming in as these weak holders try and sell into this bad news, we should be hunting for value within the same stock.

Referring to the chart, 1.88 will view for a decent area for support, and there will be buyers who have come in before at that price still vested, and have not been seen to dump their position just as of yet. As for price action trends towards that level, it will be good to start hunting for bullish setups. this is still considered a state board related company, and the big G will come in and support. Taking into consideration the possibility of delisting, going the way of SMRT as well. 1.88 will provide a good level of risk to reward as we await further developments.

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