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  • Oh-taku Circle

    Heyyy, I don't think I need to state the requirements to join right? We're all gathered here for one purpose after all!

    This otaku circle is basically gonna be for fellow otakus to chat, make friends of similar interest and meet up during events such as AFA, CharaExpo and many others!

    PM me if you wanna join us in creating a WhatsApp group as a gathering place for all of us of the same interest!

    This group is based in Singapore, but non-locals may join too! Except that you won't be able to meet us during events... :(

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    Last Activity: Nov 29th, 15 09:45 PM

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  • sgcafe and games

    Recently, online gaming is becoming a burning issue is particularly concerned society. More than ever, online games are put on the table during conferences, seminars with mixed views ...

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    Last Activity: Jan 24th, 17 02:13 AM

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